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2010 Thunderbird
Reviewer: Don Tomas
From: Seminole, Florida, United States
Email: dontomas@esmfg.com
Date: 04/12/2012
Rider Height: 5' 10"
Rider Weight: 210
Miles/Hours: 6500 miles
Overall Rating:
Specs: Manayunk Triumph Specs
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Still Great After 1 Year

I have been very happy with my 2010 Thunderbird. My mate in England provided be with just enough Union Jacks to set it apart from others. The handling is superior to any other bike like this. Mine has the Triumph shorty pipes, which sound good, but I will upgrade when the warranty is out. It has great power and outhandles any other bike in its class. As with other reviews, the touring seat is a must - mine came with the promo pack last year. I come from a sport bike background, and this is the perfect cruiser for someone who still cares about how his bike handles.

Upgrades/Accessories:  Windshield, touring seat, shorty pipes, detatchable rack & backrest, leather covered saddle bags and just enough extra chrome.

Write your own Review of this Vehicle!

Still Great After 1 Year

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